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Tips to consider While buying a new Bike online!

Buying a new bike is a passion for most of us. And today online services have extended into every field starting from buying groceries, clothes to buying cars, bikes, etc. Many companies are now providing online facilities to enable you to buy bikes online. Buying a bike online can offer you advantages like a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors that will be available. You can even compare the prices of the same bike on various portals and select the one that is best for you. Thus, convenience is one thing that you get when you buy a big bike (รับซื้อbigbike, which is the term in Thai) online.

Some risks can be associated with buying a bike online. But they can be eliminated by proper research about the bike you’re looking to have.

There are certain things that you need to take care of before checkout:

Be sure with your Choice

Online portals provide a wide variety of bikes. You must have a clear understanding of which type of bike you need. First, apply the filter as per your choice and then, look for reviews and experience regarding that particular bike. Check for all the features of the bike like mileage, height, weight, auto-start, availability of services and spare parts. With proper research about the pros and cons of that model, you will have to make the decision.

Get all your Doubts cleared

You may have some doubts about your bike like its servicing, or period of guarantee, or warrantee card, or EMI. You can chat with the service representatives online. It is important to get all your doubts cleared with an executive over there. You can ask even the silliest doubts.

Choose the Perfect size

Nowadays, bikes are coming in a variety of sizes and online services can size almost all the ranges. Choose the one that will be perfect for you. This is an important thing to be considered because comfort while riding the bike is important. If you’re not comfortable with your bike, it may result in stress and strain on your body. A chart with different sizes will be provided on the portal just like the size chart that you’ve for your clothes. By taking all the measurements, choose the best fit.


Last but not the least, budget is one factor you have to keep in mind while buying a new bike online. When you buy a new bike online, it is obvious that the price will be a little higher than expected because the company imposes some kinds of prices like shipping, gear, etc. So, prepared for the budget too.

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