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Top 6 features you need to look for in a Car Umbrella!

If you are looking for a Car umbrella (ที่บังแดดรถ, which is the term in Thai) to protect your car but confused with how to select the one that is best for you, then this article will help you by listing out the top features that you will have to look for while buying cover for your car.

Installing car umbrellas can be beneficial because it will provide a lot of protection to your car.

1.      Anti-UV Feature:

Anti-Ultraviolet radiation property stands in the first place while looking for a car umbrella. The main motto of having a car umbrella is to protect the car from the external environment and the harmful rays of the sun. The Car umbrella successfully achieves this motto.

2.      Water-Resistant Feature:

The other purpose of using a car umbrella is to protect the car from rainwater. To achieve this goal, the car umbrella has to be water-resistant. It should not have water-absorbing property. Its water repelling property will protect the car from the damaging effects of rainwater.

3.      Anti-Theft Feature:

The anti-theft feature of the car umbrella will make people love this equipment. If you’ve to park your vehicle in a strange place where you are not sure, then your car umbrella will ensure your high security. Thus, while buying a car umbrella, don not forget to check for this feature.

4.      Durability:

Durability is one important thing. So do not forget to check for durability and lifespan before buying the car umbrella.

5.      Portability:

The portable nature of the car umbrella will help you by reducing your work of putting on the umbrella when you need and removing it whenever you don’t. It also saves your time to a great extent.

6.      Remote Control Feature:

Having a car umbrella that is automatic and can be operated using a small and handy remote is the one you need to look for. You need not worry about your car if you have this feature for your car umbrella and you operate your car umbrella from any place like from inside the office or house or restaurant etc.

The car umbrellas serve for many purposes like protection from wind, water, insects, hot sun, harmful rays, dust, theft, etc and car umbrella Lanmodo (ร่มรถlanmodo, term in Thai) has all the desired features that you are looking for. The car umbrella is a good choice for those who love their car and is accessible to people all around the world.

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