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What Does Towing Service Companies Do?

When you hear the word towing Service Company, you expect it to provide you with a wide range of services. But the first thing that we think about is a company that tows your car or truck. However, this is not all that these companies do. There are many other services that these towing companies offer apart from towing truck (รถยกลากจูง, which is a term in Thai). Here is the list of services that are offered by these companies.

Get your Tires Changed

When your tires are flat or blown out, you often struggle to change it. Many people are unable to change the tires and hence, get stuck in the middle of the road hoping to get some help from people who are walking or driving around. However, this struggle can be minimized if you reach out to a towing service company.

The company has experts who know how to the tires properly so that your tire does not fall off while you are driving and end up in an accident. But, if you do not have a spare tire, then these companies will tow your car or truck to their station and fix your tire.

Help you in Refilling your Fuel

How embarrassing it is that your car runs out of fuel? But you cannot do much about it if you are far away from a petrol station. But you can contact a tow company who can come to your rescue. These companies take your car to the nearest petrol station. They will also provide you with little petrol so that you can take your car to the nearest petrol station.

Help you Restart your Battery

Many times, it would have happened that you may have left your car lights on or the weather is too cold due to which the battery dies down. To get your battery started up again, you need to jump-start the car. The towing company has new batteries if it needs to be replaced or jump start your car to bring your battery to life.

Help in Emergency Car Breakdowns

Sometimes it happens that your car is broken down in the middle of the road and needs temporary repair work. With the help of a towing service company, you can get your car repair temporarily so that it can reach the service station for further repairs. These companies also have a slide-on car (รถสไลด์ออน, term in Thai).

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