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3 Factors That Had Affected Renault Truck Parts Market Amidst the Pandemic

Renault truck parts have a good reputation in the market for their durability, compatibility, reasonable price and availability. All of these positive attributes are tested when the Covid-19 pandemic hits Singapore and the world. Not only the suppliers but the patrons of Renault spare parts are all affected by the closing of borders and limiting of the operations in the supply chain.

For the suppliers’ part, since the movement of supplies halted, the demand for Renault truck parts has seen an increase. It had become a challenge for suppliers to find a more stable source. Meanwhile, consumers who were loyal to Renault spare parts were challenged to either find an alternative or take extra precautions on their trucks to prevent the need for repairs or replacements. Here are the three main aspects of the Renault truck parts trading that got affected by the pandemic:

1. Shortage of the Supplies

The closure of some of the largest ports led to a decrease in the supply of Renault spare parts. As food and medicine are considered more essential than automotive spare parts, you can only guess how difficult it had been to forward the supplies to other countries during the pandemic. It resulted in some of the spare parts, especially those that are always in demand, being out of stock or running out fast.

Every bearings supplier in Singapore needed to coordinate the problem with the clients and find a solution to compensate for the lack of supplies. The good thing about Renault spare parts is that because they are durable, most were expected to last until the pandemic ends.

2. Changes in the Price

It is neither the rise in demand nor the shortage of Renault truck parts that triggered the changes in the pricing. Rather, the higher cost of transporting the supplies plus the higher storage costs have caused the prices to balloon during and after the pandemic.

The increase in the price is shouldered more by the consumer than anyone else. However, suppliers also took some of the burdens. They cannot raise the price so much as it may cause some customers to shift.

3. Availability of Other Brands

Since other brands such as Mitsubishi and UD Nissan are present in the market, some consumers resorted to shifting to these brands amidst the unavailability of the Renault spare parts they need. Since Renault is often compatible with many other brands, the shift is very much possible. Moreover, UD Nissan diesel parts, for example, are more affordable than Renault. This affects the consumers’ decisions too.

Although the sales operations of Renault truck parts have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is good to note that there are improvements since the lifting of many travel restrictions. It goes to show that Renault is still a trusted brand in the market for good reasons. Visit Maxindo Enterprise today for more information about truck parts.

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