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Car Key Woes? Call Your Local Auto Locksmith!

Losing, damaging the keys to your car, or having them stolen, are problems most car owners have faced at some point in their lives, and yet so often, locksmiths are not the first port of call when this happens. Whether many people don’t realise that locksmiths have the expertise, skills and resources to solve the problem of not being able to gain access to a car or replace car keys, or whether it’s assumed that only the dealership can help, either way, we should all have a local auto locksmiths’ number on speed dial!

Here’s how an auto locksmith (note that many commercial and residential locksmiths are trained in auto locksmith skills, too) can help you with your car key woes:

Traditional car keys

If you lose your traditional car key, simply call up your local locksmith and have them make you a duplicate key.

Transponder keys

With a chip built in to send signals to the ECU that the right key is being used before the engine can be started, a transponder key uses more advanced technology than a traditional key, but is just as easy to get help for from a locksmith should you lose it. A good auto locksmith will have sets of spare keys with the same chips in them, that they can use to tune your car, enabling you to gain access.

Car keys with fobs

Losing a key with a fob is no drama; the fob isn’t essential and an auto locksmith can help you with a replacement key.

Keys attached to fobs

Certain models of car are issued with folding keys, in which the key mechanism that actually opens and operates the car, is merged with the fob. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a spare key yourself, your only alternative to access the vehicle if you lose your folding key, is to take the car to your nearest dealership and have a replacement made.

Smart car keys

With keyless entry and push-button starts becoming increasingly more popular and widely used, you will have to rely on your spare key, or on the nearest brand dealership programming you a new one, before you can gain access to your vehicle.


Able to be cut and programmed by an automotive locksmith for a fraction of the price a dealership will charge you – and more efficiently, too – if you lose your transponder or it becomes damage, your local, friendly locksmith will be on hand to help.

Have you got your local auto locksmith telephone number on speed dial?