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Is the 2020 BMW M8 Series Ahead of Competition?

When we speak about competition between cars, we don’t necessarily mean a race on the tracks, but their sales record being registered in the dealerships around the world. Apart from the impact they create on people’s heart, the performance moments also come into consideration and finally the rating given by people on the product. Right now we have a car in hand to talk about since we have experienced a test drive with this stylized convertible coming from a prestigious brand, known as BMW at one of the well-known showrooms of the chain of SLO car dealerships.

Power to Rule the Road

The 2020 version of the BMW M8 series has expanded its area of expertise, which is of course a zestful performance that is finally achieved after a series of upgrades have been bestowed upon it. right now the 2020 BMW M8 moves with one of the most powerful engines that is a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 one that can easily throw out 600 units of hp even on the standard M8 trim.

But moving a step further will fetch you 617 hp if you pep up the2020 M8 models with the Competition Coupe package to stay ahead of competition. With this package installed, it will talk as tall as bout 553 pound-feet of torque on both the engine models, cranking 77 units of more hp to leave other convertibles stumble behind.

Performance Drives

Besides those extra numbers added on the output chart, with the help of the Competition package the 2020 BMW M8 models get a lot more advanced driving tweaks to keep every drive charged up and roaring.

You can start the counting right from the stiffer front suspension camberand ball joints replacing the average rubber components at the rear side for greater body control. Other driving improvementswill include the recently revised body with better suspension parts. With these improvisations the 2020 BMW M8 can put up a speed to 60 mph from a cold zero in just 3.1 seconds, and there you find its rivals lagging far behind.

With this much of power at your disposal, mild stop and go movements in the congested roads of the city might generate a sense of wastage, if you drive a 2020 BMW M8. So better take it out to the open roads of highway and sit back to enjoy its quiet demeanor even after driving through rough patches of lands throughout the day.

Other Noteworthy Elements

Apart from all the drive oriented mechanisms that has by now heated you up with excitement, there are plenty of options to chill out in the composed inner corner of the 2020 BMW M8 series. There is a huge 10.25-inch infotainment system to keep you engaged throughout the ride, while premium quality materials both soft and hard to touch are spread across the spacious room of its cabin, to make you feel at home, as soon as you make your entrance.

The sales talk of the SLO car dealers hence speak only about the 2020 BMW M8 series staying ahead of the competition in every aspect you can think of.