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When Do You Need a Long Term Car Rental in Singapore

A rental car is quite common in Singapore where owning a car entails financial obligations and other responsibilities. We rent a car for various reasons. Attending a business conference, going on a vacation with your family or friends and having a bridal car are among them. These reasons for renting a car can lead some people to believe that renting a car is only beneficial on a short-term basis. That is not the case, however. Today, we will share some instances when long term car rental can be more cost-effective and convenient.

Long-Term Car Rental Can Save You From Commuting

If you are among the people who have to ride the MRT or wait for a cab every day to go to work, you will realise how important it is to have a car. However, owning a car can be expensive. Long term car rental is far cheaper than renting a car every week and maintaining your own car, especially when you need one almost every day.

Monthly Rental Car is Good for a Month-long Trip

It is always better to have your car when travelling. It will also help you navigate more effectively using GPS. You can also reach destinations off the route of public transportations with your own car. A long term car rental is very convenient when you have a month-long trip.

Long-term Rental Car Can Sustain Your Business

Increasing orders and purchases are a good thing for business owners but that also entails the need for additional manpower and equipment. Adding vehicles for delivery can speed up the process and help satisfy your customers. However, delivery vehicles are expensive and might take a long time to acquire.

You can rent a car in Singapore until your new vehicle is delivered. This way, you will be able to sustain the momentum of your business cost-effectively.


Do you see yourself among the three situations above? It is probably the right time to book a long-term car rental. Visit CDG Rent-a-Car today for an affordable rental car in Singapore.

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