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Why is the particle filter unsuitable for small rollers?

As explained by the magazine AutoPlus in its May 13, 2013 issue, the FAP, by DPF Delete filtering the particles, clogs up little by little, which blocks the escape. Admittedly, the FAP is designed to be cleaned automatically, but for that, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the exhaust gases in order to burn the particles. This is done by injecting more diesel into post combustion.

Only problem: for this to work, it is necessary to adopt a particular style of driving. It is necessary that the engine has rolled at least 15km (in order to be hot), it is necessary to roll above 50 km / h (to see more, according to the models), to have a sustained engine speed and to drive at least a quarter of ‘hour. In short, conditions difficult to meet when one uses his vehicle only for small urban journeys, such as to go to the office, for example.

Price of maintenance and repair

If the particulate filter does not have the opportunity to clean itself, it ends up completely clogging. We are then obliged to go to the garage either to regenerate (200 euros the operation), or to change it, which costs between 700 and 2500 euros depending on the model. In the worst case, clogging of the filter can cause engine failure. Here, the prices of the repair are astronomical, count 10 000 to 15 000 euros.

What if I removed my particle filter?

If you have a diesel and that at the time of purchase you did not know the constraints related to the particulate filter, which would not be surprising since the dealers are careful not to mention them, maybe you will be tempted to get rid of. For this, there are garages that will offer you to withdraw the interior of the FAP for a price lower than the purchase of a new, but the legal consequences may discourage you to proceed with such an operation.

You should know that this change will make your car no longer standards and if your intervention is discovered, it ill result in a fine and impoundment. In addition, by changing the characteristics of the vehicle, you will no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or the car insurance. Note also that in the event of a serious bodily injury, your criminal liability may be incurred.

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