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How To Prepare For A DIY Move

Planning to move out can be a whole process and a lot of times it can be stressful. However, there are a couple of things that will surely help you have a stress-free moving day; from renting the right vehicle to packing properly. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration.

First of all, if you are planning to have a DIY move, you need to know what kind of a vehicle would most suit your taste, if you were to rent it. You can check out Go With The Gecko or do your own research to find an appropriate provider instead.

Choose a company that offers great prices

Different vehicle options:

– Renting a Ute; if you are simply moving from a small studio apartment, or you do not have that many items in general, you could choose a Ute vehicle. This vehicle is great for moving a couple of objects and it is also suitable for off road driving.

– Renting a van; in case you are moving from a smaller house or an apartment, you can consider renting a van. Usually, vans will come in different sizes, and in most cases the biggest van will provide enough space for you to move all your items. But this also depends on the number of items you have.

– Renting a truck; those who are moving out completely and they have a lot of items, should consider the professional moving truck hire from Go With The Gecko. By renting a truck you do not have to worry about having to make a couple of trips to transport all your items.

Start packing on time

Those who have not moved out before, usually think that 1-2 days of packing is enough, but in most cases that is not true. You should start packing at least a week before, or start sorting things out. By doing this, you can make sure that you are ready to move out when the time comes.

As you are packing it is a good ide to pack in sections, by rooms. This way when you start unpacking, everything will be much easier for you. Just like that you should also start labeling your boxes, and make sure to label all the boxes with fragile or important items.

Invite your friends

Moving days can be very stressful, that is why inviting your friends and family is a good idea. This way you can have a bit of fun while packing or moving, as you can enjoy your time spent with your close ones, all while moving out.

Ask your friends to help out!

Final word

Start by selecting a renting company with a good reputation. Once you find a good company you can choose their vehicles by thinking about the amount of items you will have to transport. Then, make sure that you start packing on time, and asking for help is probably a good idea.