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Trusting A Vehicle Rental Company: The 7 Myths To Uncover


The harsh reality is that not everyone is familiar with the services of a vehicle rental company that provides short or long-term leasing plans for people needing modes of transportation. Being ignorant about things is one reason for this, such as not really familiarising themselves with the services offered in the market or why people rent cars instead of buying them for personal or business needs. The second reason is the set of misconceptions that a person might have. It can be a negative bias towards these services because they have heard stories about isolated cases of bad experiences or something born out of misinformation through dubious sources on the internet.

In short, the objective is to become aware and make wiser decisions for your daily activities and other transportation needs.

Let us assume you are a business owner who has reservations about purchasing a truck and considering a commercial vehicle leasing plan in Singapore or an individual who needs a short-term rental because of temporary relocation to an area with limited public transport. In this article, let us clear some myths and misconceptions to help everyone understand things better.



TRUTH: There is no such thing as popular and known international companies being better than their local counterparts. Not only does it paint small and local businesses in a bad light, but people also tend to disregard the benefits of trusting a vehicle rental companyeven if they offer many services that help their daily needs.

First, both types of enterprises offer the same services, assuming they provide impeccable services, such as flexible leasing plans and high-quality vehicles. You can expect both of them to deliver desirable results! Second, a local company is a better option for those without access to more popular enterprises. Besides, they have the same quality, so clients are not missing out on things.


TRUTH: If you are talking about the possibility of paying exorbitant fees for damages and other issues you have caused on the car, then you are misguided! First, a car rental company in Singapore might have terms & conditions that protect the interest of both parties and the value of the vehicle, but businesses only charge the appropriate amount for any damages. If the issue in question is a small scratch on the side due to an accident, they will ask you to pay an amount that corresponds with it. In fact, some companies are understanding and not expecting anything from trivial imperfections.


TRUTH: All companies offer the same procedure or system for renting a car, but the catch is the difference in their terms & conditions because they have varying operations and other factors. Suppose you are a business owner needing a commercial vehicle in Singapore. Comparing two companies, you will notice that there will be a difference in the contracts, such as your liability when something happens or the basic rules of keeping the truck during the leasing plan. In short, be a discerning client that knows how to examine these things because overlooking them brings consequences.


TRUTH: Yes and no. First, a vehicle rental companymight have a website that shows the model of the automobile, which depends on the plan because some are more expensive than others. For example, you have booked a subcompact Japanese car for four passengers. You will get the same model, but various changes might happen, such as the colour or the exterior trims, because the image on the internet is different.

Second, if there is no specified model in the contract or the company only indicated a few models in the segment, you might get something unexpected. An example would be two cars from competing brands, like a Mercedes Benz C-Class and an Audi A4.


TRUTH: Renting a commercial vehicle in Singapore is and will never be a waste of money under some conditions. First, they are worth it if doing this matches your business goals, such as trying out a new delivery area or expanding your reach. Rather than purchasing a new vehicle, renting one lets you try something without taking a risk or spending a hefty amount of money. Second, leasing plans are flexible, and clients can either extend them because they have liked the experience or terminate them because they have suddenly decided to invest in a vehicle. It gives everyone the option to do what works for them!



TRUTH: No. Clients are not free to do whatever they want, and following the vehicle rental companyterms & conditions is a requirement. Why? These rules protect the interest of the business, such as keeping the quality of their vehicles and ensuring safety because other people use them. Aside from that, these limitations help people achieve safety on the road because getting into accidents with a leased car is difficult. Imagine having to pay for damages to property, and sometimes, people. You would not want those things to happen to you or anyone else.


TRUTH: One common reason for trusting a car rental company in Singaporeis that some people choose to lease one instead of buying. Also, there is no truth in the statement that people are better off taking public transport because everyone is free to do what works for them. Renting offers many benefits, just like trusting a shop to buy and sell vehiclesand choosing to skip them because you are fine with taking the bus or subway. In short, it all boils down to your lifestyle and other preferences.

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